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The Best Part
Q. Ajeeb Daastaans’ Geeli Pucchi has been lauded for putting the perspective of a Dalit woman at the forefront, something not seen enough in mainstream cinema… In mainstream culture, we normalise the dominant caste narrative. It is boring to see onl
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The Cost Of Lockdowns
In his address to the nation on April 20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged states to think of lockdowns as a means of last resort. Within a week, though, faced with a runaway spiral in Covid cases, Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat and Karnataka were for
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Attack Of The Mutants
Air flows into the bronchi and, from there, into its branches—the bronchioles Bronchioles move air into tiny air sacs, or alveoli, where oxygen is separated from air and moved into tiny blood cells (capillaries) that exchange oxygen and waste betwee