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ome problems in life are unforeseen and unavoidable, but we all know we’d be heart-broken if we lost our family history research, so let’s be sure to back it up. (Cough. At this point in writing the article I stopped what I was doing, plugged in my shiny new external hard drive, and backed up my family history files – something that I’d been meaning to do for longer than I care to admit. If you’re in the same position as me, do it – go on,

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A Uniform Appearance: What Did Our Ancestors Wear In Institutions?
Many of our poorer ancestors wore prescribed clothes or uniforms provided by institutions such as charity schools, asylums, workhouses and prisons – garments sometimes more hygienic than those in which they arrived, but often basic and illfitting. In
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New Features For FindMyPast Online Family Tree
Following customer feedback and user testing, FindMyPast have rolled out an improved family tree with a fresh design and enhanced navigation capabilities. Specifically tailored to make online research more intuitive, the upgraded tree includes the ab
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Further DNA News
Ancestry has decided to discontinue AncestryHealth in order to focus more on family history and genetic genealogy, it announced on 15 January. Calling the move a ‘strategic but difficult decision’, Ancestry told customers that AncestryHealth would no