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Reign Of Teraflops
Pandemic be damned: nothing, apparently, can stop the launch of the next generation of games consoles, nor the immense hype built around them. As promised, Sony and Microsoft have both released new hardware in November, each claiming significantly mo
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Can’t Stress This Enough
from R8 000 / Fitbit’s new Sense is a slick-looking wearable, more like a wristwatch than a fitness device in terms of design. Which makes sense, because this is not a dedicated bit of fitness gear. It’s more of a whole-human monitor, with
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A Couple Of ‘Dozen’ IPhones
This year has proved to be a very strange year for tech. Not that we expected anything different from 2020, but anomalies kept cropping up like we were exploring backwater planets in No Man’s Sky. Chief among these was Apple’s regular-as-clockwork iP