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Adam LeBor on Television

COVID-19 IS REANIMATING my inner anarchist. Long dormant as I slid (more or less) into bourgeois respectability, it is back, the works of Mikhail Bakunin in one hand and Emma Goldman in the other. Back in my student days at Leeds University during the 1980s I was, naturally, a radical leftist.

But I was never attracted to the various Trotskyite sects: too authoritarian, sectarian, obsessed with Israel and most of all, too boring. As for the orthodox communists, well, just take a look at

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It’s All A Conspiracy
THERE IS A GREAT RESET. It has a website with a video introduction by HRH The Prince of Wales. Sponsored by the World Economic Forum, it’s the Davos view on how the world might grow sustainably after the recession wrought by Covid. It is as worthy, d
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Balancing The Books
RICHARD OVENDEN, librarian of the Bodleian in Oxford, recently published an impassioned account of the importance of collections of the written word. In Burning the Books (John Murray, £20), he examines the way in which libraries have been pillaged t