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“It is a common misconception that horses requiring more condition or energy should be fed elevated levels of protein”

N ORDER TO put condition on a horse you need to increase his intake of digestible energy so that you provide more than what is required to keep warm, active and maintain body condition. Horses lose large amounts of heat from their bodies and this is ‘wasted’ energy. When it is cold, wet and windy, a horse’s feed requirements

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SHEATH CLEANING: Kat Seeman says…
Q What exactly is a bean and what are the symptoms of a male horse having one? Jill Stanley, Devon Kat says… A bean is a hard mass of skin cells, fat cells, dust and urine that collects at the tip of the horse’s penis, in a small pocket just above th
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Get The Look…
RRP: £39.95 SIZES: 4-16 COLOURS: azure, musk and sage RRP: £24.95 SIZES XS-XL COLOURS: musk, sage and black RRP: £9.95 SIZES: adult and junior DESIGNS: pineapples, dragonflies, seahorses, rocking unicorn and watermelons RRP: £34.95 SIZES: XXS-XL COLO
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A Little Less Sugar
WITH SPRING UPON us, the better weather and longer days mean lots of horses and ponies will be spending more time out in the fields. This is a welcome relief for many owners after the demands of winter. Still, the risk of laminitis rises sharply at t