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7 Tips For Riding Bitless
1 Good communication begins on the ground. Ensure your horse is relaxed and focused, using a foundation of dynamic groundwork exercises. 2 Choose a correctly fitting bridle based on your horse’s facial conformation and responses to the points of cont
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What Can You Do?
As a horse owner, there are things you can do to help keep your vet safe and make visits as stress-free as possible for your horse, including: ■ Be honest about your horse’s issues and communicate them to your vet ■ Be proactive and work with your ve
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EQUIPILATES: Claire Dryden says...
Q I’m 5’2”, a fit 62 years old, and have recently moved yards to where the bridleways have gates, which my 15.2hh mare, Tia, doesn’t like to navigate. I need to be able to get on and off from the ground, but my short legs are about four inches away f