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SPILLERS™ registered nutritionist Clare Barfoot answers your feeding questions

Sarah Farmington Damsel, a 24-year-old cob Damsel is a good doer but she is starting to show her age

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Let’s Talk About... Your Horse’s Christmas Routine
Last year it was my first Christmas on our yard and on Christmas morning every horse had a present outside their stable door from the yard owners — what a lovely thing to do. Julie Thompson Last year on Christmas Day I had a lovely long hack with my
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A Diet Overhaul Transformed Alfie’s Life
JEMMA FALZON CAME to me with her 16-year-old, Welsh section D gelding Alfie two years ago. It was the start of the winter and she wanted to break the cycle of Alfie being overweight. We discussed a suitable seasonal weight loss programme and Jemma ch
Your Horse3 min gelesenMedical
IN ORDER TO put condition on a horse you need to increase his intake of digestible energy so that you provide more than what is required to keep warm, active and maintain body condition. Horses lose large amounts of heat from their bodies and this is