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New editor to build on legacy, aims for lofty heights

NEW Independent on Saturday editor Zoubair Ayoob says he intends building on the legacy left

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NAOMI Campbell refuses to sleep in air-conditioned rooms because she thinks they give her “wrinkles”. The 50-year-old model is convinced the cooling systems can cause unflattering lines to appear on her face while she sleeps so she always makes sure
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FORMER president Jacob Zuma has dumped his legal team, opting to face his corruption trial and other legal challenges on his own. The split affects advocate Muzi Sikhakhane SC, his instructing and attorney of records, Eric Mabuza, advocate Thabani Ma
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BOOKTOK, a subcategory on the video-sharing app, TikTok, has helped reignite people’s love for literature. Yesterday was World Book Day and there isn’t a better time to hop on to this side of TikTok and find new reads. Here are five book influencers