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New Internationalist21 min gelesenMedical
Barefoot Surgeons
Have you ever seen a house that’s also a hospital? My paternal grandparents’ home is a large, cuboid building in a walled compound, in Bihar, India. At the front is a portico where we spent much of our time during our childhood holidays, sitting on c
New Internationalist2 min gelesenGender Studies
Argentina Message Of Hope
In a significant triumph for women’s rights, Argentina has legalized elective abortion – and in so doing may have paved the way for improved reproductive rights throughout Latin America. On 30 December 2020, Argentina’s Senate passed the Voluntary Te
New Internationalist13 min gelesenPopular Culture & Media Studies
Democracy On The Edge
A friend’s mother has disappeared down a conspiracy theory ‘rabbit hole’. She fears she will lose her family as they, one by one, submit themselves to the vaccine against Covid-19, a covert vehicle for a microchip which will take over their minds. Th