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Video bloggers (vloggers) are making filming flying popular and motivating a whole new wave of pilots to record their own enjoyable adventures, and fly well. Vloggers include Niko’s Wings, Baron Pilot, Stevo1kinevo, 310 Pilot, The Ren Baron, Premier Driver, In the Left Seat, Missionary Bush Pilot, Citation Max, Skyline Baron Pilot, and Australia’s Stefan Drury. Many of the vloggers know each other, fly together, and compare notes.

The professionals make it look easy, but there are traps and tricks for newbies.

Vloggers with large followings tend to have sponsorship, that helps offset the cost of the flying.

The better and more attractive the videos, the more subscribers they have, and the more sponsorship they attract. Vloggers have to be good though, really good, as aviation suppliers are inundated with people requesting sponsorship or free merchandise.


Pilots should decide why they want to record. It may be to evaluate their flying, perhaps as a student or part of a rating, or as an instructor; to simply replay and enjoy again later; to share with close friends; post to a wider audience; or perhaps to post professionally on their own channel.

Niko Spyridonos from Niko’s Wings, who flies his Cirrus SR22T all over the USA, for both business and pleasure with his family says “I am a businessperson, but filming gives me a creative outlet. I

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