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Jim Davis has 15,000 hours of immensely varied flying experience, including 10,000 hours civil and military flying instruction. He is an established author, his current projects being an instructors’ manual and a collection of Air Accident analyses, called ‘Choose not to Crash’.

Date of Accident: 22 December 2010

Registration: ZS-JXE

Time of Accident: 1520Z

Type of Aircraft: Cessna R172 K

Type of Operation: Private


Licence Type: Private

Age: 65

Licence Valid: Yes

Total Flying Hours: 503.3

Hours on Type: 459.2

Last point of departure:

Kitty Hawk

Next point of intended landing:

Kitty Hawk

Location of the accident:

Welbekend, east of Pretoria

Meteorological Information:

Surface wind 340/20.

Temperature 28°C.

Number of people on board: 1 + 0

No. of people injured: 1

No. of people killed: 0


The aircraft took off from Kitty Hawk Aerodrome on Runway 01 at 1500Z. Prior to take off the pilot

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