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SPRING HAS ALWAYS REPRESENTED the promise of new life and new beginnings. After the rocky year we’ve just experienced with a global pandemic, economic upheaval, civil unrest, and polarized politics, expectations for cheerier days ahead are more than welcomed.

Pantone gives us plenty. We can look forward to its palette of uplifting and soothing colors to be prominent in fashion this spring. Hues illustrative of nature topped the Color Institute’s coveted list, as spied in ready-to-wear fashions launched during New York Fashion Week, conducted virtually in September.

From an optimistic yellow and warm marigold to a serene cerulean blue and soothing mentholated green, the palette expresses our desires for rejuvenation. Pantone Vice President Laurie Pressman has pointed out before the relationship between trends in color and what’s

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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist10 min gelesen
Boho Bolo
NOW I KNOW. The bolo or bola tie is the official neckwear of not one but three U.S. states: Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. I discovered that as I looked into the bolo’s history when I started working on this project. That started me down the rabbit
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist8 min gelesen
Making the Cut
I have enjoyed lapidary for several years, but it wasn’t until last year that I broke with what I call the small time. Once I’d made friends with my slab saw, though, I ventured into a phase of the hobby that has expanded my interest, output, and enj
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist11 min gelesen
Skin In The Game
AS WITH METAL and all arts, becoming proficient in leather working is largely a matter of putting the time and practice into it. Although this design is pretty detailed, this also makes it more forgiving: there’s a lot of backgrounding that helps hid