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The Lady of Ancient Sites

ANOTHER DAY OF MIST AND intermittent, cold rain. Typical for Scotland. At least that kept the midges away as my friends and I trudged through the muck and soggy weeds and climbed over yet another rock fence. On the moor, in the distance, scattered about like a game of giant dominoes, lay the mysterious flat stones for which we were searching. One of the endearing enigmas of archaeology are these stones, covered with cup and ring marks, dating back 3,000 to 4,000 years. We don’t know what they mean, and there is no one left to ask, so it’s all conjecture, but the mystery is fascinating.

Petroglyphs and my love of archaeology play a huge part in my jewelry designs. Here I share some ideas using a unique way to transfer these mysterious circles to a new piece of distinctive jewelry. This is my story. Maybe archaeology isn’t your passion but what is — and are you

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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist2 min gelesen
Lovely in Lavender
PURE LEPIDOLITE IS PURPLE MICA. Its softness — 2½ to 3½ on the Mohs hardness scale — and its perfect and easily developed direction of cleavage make it impossible to cut and set. When used in jewelry, lepidolite is always integrated into quartz. It m
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist8 min gelesen
Ready, Set, Move
THE DATE was 1999. The stone was labradorite. At most, I’d completed six or seven pices and had no idea what to do with this incredibly gorgeous stone. Lee Floyd suggested a shadowbox design, and Don Vercellotti suggested a bail to accentuate the pla
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Francesca West Watson
I’ve made some work I’m really proud of, particularly my collaboration pieces with Robert Lopez, but my biggest accomplishment is the number of students I’ve taught to get past their fear and learn to solder and bezel set stones. I’m trying to be bra