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Perfectly Portable
IT’S HOT, HUMID HURRICANE SEASON as I write this, but thinking ahead to fall, winter, and Tucson travel, I chose this inventive group of goodies. In the uncertainty of a world turned upside-down by COVID-19, travel might not be on your schedule right
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Lovely in Lavender
PURE LEPIDOLITE IS PURPLE MICA. Its softness — 2½ to 3½ on the Mohs hardness scale — and its perfect and easily developed direction of cleavage make it impossible to cut and set. When used in jewelry, lepidolite is always integrated into quartz. It m
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Ready, Set, Move
THE DATE was 1999. The stone was labradorite. At most, I’d completed six or seven pices and had no idea what to do with this incredibly gorgeous stone. Lee Floyd suggested a shadowbox design, and Don Vercellotti suggested a bail to accentuate the pla