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Comeback Queen
The sitch: You accidentally fall over in public! The comeback: The only thing you can do is get back up, dust yourself off and laugh! (If you’re not injured of course). Humour is a great way to diffuse a potentially embarro situation. Here are our fa
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Total Girl
Roseanne Scott Sandra Markovic Aaron Streatfeild Rebekah Manibog Veronica Caruana, Louise Meers, Marisa Morea, Eleni Moutevelis, Anna Radcliffe, Mandy Streatfeild and Georgia Sutton Vera Cheung ADVERTISING DIRECTOR – KIDS Anabel Tweedale
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Sky Katz
There’s a sink in the kitchen on set and they have to turn it on for it to actually work, and there was a scene where I had juice in my cup, so I poured it down the sink. The sink wasn’t on so they had to clean it out! I was like, “Oh my gosh, I’m so