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Arcane Romaine
WHAT BETTER TIME than the New Year (when many resolve to eat more healthfully) to celebrate the crunchy, vinegar-y history of salads? The Burpee seed company’s 1894 invention of the durable, much-loved and-loathed iceberg lettuce (a staple for salads
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How to Decode a Social Security Card
1. Area number: Geographical region issued, with lowest numbers in the Northeast and highest in the West (except for Railroad Retirement Board, 700–728) 2. Group number: Administrative codes for filing purposes 3. Serial number: Assigned consecutivel
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Organizing Your Workspace
Whether you have a whole room to dedicate to your genealogy or just a corner of your family’s living room, you’ll need a home base from which you can do your work. Choosing an ideal workspace largely depends on your resources and your needs as a rese