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Out On A Limb
While the world keeps wrestling with the COVID-19 pandemic, another bug is sweeping the globe. Like COVID, this infection keeps you isolated in your home for hours—maybe even days—at a time, in an unending search for answers. You may not see friends
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Convincing Relatives to Test
Q How can I convince my relative to take a DNA test? A Regardless of whether the DNA match you’re seeking is a known relative or a relative stranger, the process of educating and persuading others to test can be summed up in one word: possibility. Fi
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State Guide
ALTHOUGH IT’S KNOWN for the genteel world of thoroughbred horses and mint juleps, America’s 15th state has a more rough-and-tumble legacy than you might think. Frontiersmen including George Rogers Clark and Daniel Boone blazed paths over the Appalach