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“This is really easy to make – it’s also light and fluffy, and the dates add natural sweetness. Keep a few slices in the freezer to toast for a mid-morning

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Grainy Days
BROWN BASMATI RICE WITH RED-AND-WHITE QUINOA This trio of grains makes for the perfect replacement for white rice, working well in hearty salads or stirred through saucy curries or stews. R34.99 for 250 g HULLED BUCKWHEAT No relation to wheat, buck
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Sunday’s Best
Every Sunday of my life has revolved around “seven colours”, what we affectionately call Sunday lunch. We not only dress up for church, but we also dress up our plates, and all the colours come out – the yellow of butternut, the purple of beetroot, t
Woolworths TASTE1 min gelesenRegional & Ethnic
Thickening Tricks
To thicken your stew, make a roux using equal quantities of butter and flour. If you caramelise it well, it will add real depth of flavour. You’ll need about 140 g roux to thicken a litre of liquid for a medium consistency. Mix a little cornflour wit