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Signature blend: Meridian, a medium roast with low acidity, earthy and caramel notes, and a sweet finish

Co-owners Kelsey Speigner and Adam Datema met as fellow

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Swoon French Revelation
For Laura Lachowecki, at-home quarantine baking has been anything but amateur hour. The former pastry chef at The Gallery Pastry Shop has participated in competitions as far afield as Rimini, Italy, where she placed second in the 2018 Sigep Pastry Qu
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The Grinders
Soltys-Curry: I know COVID-19 has had a lot of negative impacts, but as a consumer, it has been interesting to see the good things born out of everyone’s creativity, like new products. Davis: We started bottling cold brew because we couldn’t serve ea
Indianapolis Monthly2 min gelesenCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Cream Of The Crop
Coffee beans don’t grow in Indiana, but Indy’s top espresso drinks rely on a Hoosier product: milk from Dandy Breeze Creamery in Sheridan. It’s the rare farm in Central Indiana that breeds Jersey cows, whose milk baristas prefer. It’s higher in fat a