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SIGNATURE BLEND: Conduit, a Golden Bean award-winner described as rich and sweet

SUBSCRIPTION: $30 for two bags per month

Tinker came to rule Indy’s modern caffeine kingdom by becoming ninja roasters. But for all their technical skills, founders Steve Hall and Jeff Johnson are most proud of their improvement in sourcing. “Out-of-this-world good,” Hall says of their team, which outdid itself last summer by finding a microlot

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Banner Year
HGTV STAR Joanna Gaines’s brand of farmhouse chic helped popularize faux-vintage pennants, and the trend has been flapping off of Pinterest pages and onto real-world walls ever since. Indiana University students Peyton LaVielle and Spencer Brokaw dec
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ZOE LAVERNE likes to dance. She dances in her bedroom, in the snow, in parking garages after dark, her limbs liquid and sinewy, like she’s all muscle, no bones, booty dancing to Mickey Rose and Popp Hunna, songs with explicit lyrics and F-bombs. Most
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Aerial Circus Arts
I was in a rut, so I was trying to branch out and learn new things. I came across Cirque Indy (617 N. Fulton St., 317-758-7455, online, and thought, If I’m going to try this, I better do it with some friends because I’m going to look