Real Living Australia


TEP INSIDE THE HOME of creative consultant Lisa Danielle Smith and you’d, which drifts from her husband Jamie’s vinyl record player. “I want my style to evoke emotion,” says Lisa, who draws influence from her work as a digital content expert to cultivate her home’s relaxed, beachside aesthetic. “Whether it be in the digital world or real life, I like to style all aspects of my life and make them feel beautiful, but not forced.” Lisa’s interior style is eclectic yet curated and she mixes structured design pieces with a smattering of keepsakes from her many travels that capture a nomadic holiday spirit. “I start with an earthy, neutral base for the hero pieces to avoid the look feeling overdone,” says Lisa, whose decorative approach is unbound, organic and effortless. “I like working with natural materials like timber, cotton and travertine and layering those with soft furnishings and fresh flowers for a relaxed feel.”

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