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Minimise your distractions

We live in a world with a 24-hour news cycle, and advertising and social media constantly vying for our attention. This added noise makes us more anxious, more angry and more fearful. Climate change is the most important issue the world faces. However, watching the news with a feverish obsession,

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The Bookshelf Don’t Miss These New Titles...
This gripping disaster thriller has already been picked up for screen adaptation. Compelling fiction about three women working at UK’s Bletchley Park breaking German codes. The first in Crescent City, an epic adult series from the dynamic bestselli
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The Year That Tested Gladys
Shane Fitzsimmons tells a story from the hideous black summer of 2019-20. He and the NSW Premier were visiting a community just south of Batemans Bay. “As we were leaving,” the former NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner recalls, “a lady came up to th
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Carla Zampatti 1942-2021 Family Always Came First
As I write this, it’s hard to take in that the last words Carla Zampatti said to me were: “I can’t wait to see our story in the magazine this month”. I was sitting two seats along from Carla at the opening night of Opera Australia’s La Traviata on Sy