Each month we publish a new letter and number set based on a theme, designed for you to cut out and keep for when you need it

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Over To You…
We asked our fans on Facebook, “Which cross stitch project are you most proud of?” DEBORAH JULIA WHITE A large Victorian dolls’ house. It looks me a long time to complete and was very complicated. It was the second project I ever did, the first being
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In My Hoop…
Cross stitch has been a favourite hobby for 15 years for Stéphanie Matt heus. Based in Belgium, she always has several projects on the go… Stéphanie began her cross stitch journey quite by accident, “It started over 15 years ago, when I noticed a pre
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Beginners Start Here…
For basic stitching you’ll need a tapestry needle that has a blunt tip and large eye. Use a size 24 needle for most aidas, and a size 26 for evenweaves and linens. Use a sharp embroidery needle for finer details such as backstitch and French knots. E