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Helen Dale’s latest novel, Kingdom of the Wicked, was shortlisted for the Prometheus Prize for scine friction

‘‘WASH THE CRAP out yer eyes” was a thing I heard a lot as a girl, from both parents, sometimes followed by “you can’t see for looking”. This was partly for reasons of survival and safety: I spent my childhood in country Queensland, home to some of the most dangerous creatures on Earth — saltwater crocodiles, taipans, box jellyfish, redback spiders, blue-ringed octopus, stonefish.

At least once a week there were stories in the local newspaper of a child “taken” or killed or terribly sickened. I had to be taught, on pain of death, that my country posed risks to life and limb. Often, however, the imperative was directed to something wholly benign: a butterfly, a distinctively marked lizard, a flowering tree, even the

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The cacophonous Mr Chips
WHEN MARIANNE TAYLOR left the Kent coast and went inland to university, she couldn’t sleep. Not because, as I’m sure happened to most of us, there was a boy in the room above who stayed up until the early hours listening to French jazz while smoking
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Johnny’s Wild Years
Not shame, but more a pulsing regretThat I was so wild and thoughtless,Careless of others’ feelings, feeding my greed.Musk, champagne, drugs and deceptions,The casual cruelties, the kindnesses ignored,I was an animal, saurian with smiles.Yet some use
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Out With The Old Masters?
I SPENT THE EARLY DAYS OF LOCKDOWN writing and rewriting the conclusion to a book on the history of museums since the Second World War (actually, since the opening of New York’s Museum of Modern Art in 1939), desperately trying to figure out what the