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Life In The Nicoya Blue Zone
Why is Nicoya one of the world’s five Blue Zones? People there spend much less on health care than people in the United States and are more than twice as likely to reach age 90. They have very strong family groups, as well as a strong religious faith
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Fast Facts
» Some alfombras measure more than 1,000 yards, more than 10 football fields laid out end-to-end. » Volunteers spray water in a fine mist over the alfombras to keep the sand and sawdust from blowing in the breeze. » Many andas are so tall that they
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YOUR TURN: Make Your Own Worry Dolls
Have your parent or legal guardian send us a high-resolution image of your creation to by February 19, 2021. Be sure the email includes your name, age, and address, and states that “Cricket Media may publish the image provided