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How much is a lion worth? Or a gorilla, an elephant, a whale shark?

It might seem an odd question, especially to those of us who love Africa’s wildlife for its own sake. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a photo of a cheetah atop a termite mound, or a black rhino amid South African scrub, can’t be priced in mere dollars and cents.

Yet the idea is particularly pertinent at the moment, as the financial impact of the Covid-19 crisis becomes more apparent. Alongside the wider costs of tackling the pandemic, resulting in budget deficits for governments worldwide, the loss

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Forest Trump
Following the successful rehabilitation of Akagera National Park, the Rwanda Development Board has partnered with African Parks for the management of Nyungwe National Park. This montane forest, interspersed with marshland, is home to exceptional faun
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The Natural History Of The Matobo Hills
With its dramatically sculpted rock formations and magical profusion of ancient cave art, Matobo Hills is one of Zimbabwe’s most scenic and culturally absorbing areas. It is disappointing, therefore, that you don’t get enough of that atmosphere in th
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Blooming Dales
One of the few plants I can easily identify is the curiously named ‘banana shrimp’ variety of the heather Erica coccinea. The shrub’s tiny yellow flowers droop like mini bananas — or indeed shrimps. The surreal moniker helps with recall, but much of