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Super Gems Continue Strong Performance

It appears to me that prices are firming up a bit. I think the FUN auctions will confirm this.

At this point in time I see good prices for notes from Very Fine to Gem. There are more ups than downs. One serious down price was a note sold in the Carson Chambliss sale in 2018, a $100 Silver certificate that brought $87,000. It

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Auction Guide
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Duplicated FRN Serial Numbers
My article in the March 2020 Bank Note Reporter elicited a lot of collector interest. This was about the $1 Series of 2013 FRNs where the Bureau of Engraving and Printing accidentally duplicated 6,650,000 serials in the B* block between the Washingto
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Cut Notes Served Specific Purposes
NOTE: This article finishes our two-part review of cut notes of the world, which began in the December 2020 issue of Bank Note Reporter. The earlier part covered Colonial issues from Austria, Ceylon, Colombia, Cyprus and Fanning Island. Here we pick