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elcoming unsolicited proposals for non-fiction and children’s books Gill Books work closely with new and more experienced writers to firstly

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The Dead Cat Poetry Prize is a new contest for poems about dead cats, mortal felines and their immortal souls. It has been set up by cat lovers and poems revelling in animal cruelty are unwelcome. Prizes are £25, £10 and £5. The entry fee is £2.75. T
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Wibke Brueggemann
‘Let it be said that my path to publication was a long one. ‘Let it also be said that the terrain got easier the further I travelled, and that once I’d crossed valley of doom, the final stretch felt so effortless that I didn’t even see the finishing
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Poetry In Practice
Various line lengths can be used when writing a poem. You have probably noticed that short lines can create a song-like effect, especially if the lines are heavily enjambed. This device, commonly known as rollover, is the running on of sense of one s