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ack when I was in martial arts, we worked hard to improve hand strength. Knuckle push-ups, fingertip push-ups and tossing bags of sand back and forth were standard practice, and we were dedicated. Not everyone can do that, and not everyone has the option of increasing hand strength. For a lot of people, what they

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Rimfire Redux
When’s the last time you sent a .22 LR bullet downrange? Seriously. Ease your finger off the 9mm, .5.56 NATO or .30-06 trigger for just a moment and think about that question. Has it been a while? I presume I’m in the majority that, when I have the i
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Itching To Upgrade
I look at my rifles like a 350 Chevy—tons of aft ermarket parts and the ability to modify it to my heart’s content. I have no problem replacing, modifying and adjusting the weapon system to meet my personal needs. After all, everyone is different; ou