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w bit.ly/ specialwiltshire

The University of Leicester’s site Special Collections Online includes Kelly’s

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Welsh Tithe Maps
The National Library of Wales’ (NLW’s) website places.library.wales contains indexes and images of tithe maps for land in Wales. The website grew out of the Archives and Records Council Wales (ARCW) project ‘Cynefin: Mapping Wales’ Sense of Place’ th
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Shared Roots
I was interested to read the letter from Mrs E Greensides, née Hardie, in the April issue of Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine about the links she had found between her own ancestors and those of her husband, whom she had found out were living next
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Have You Hit A Brick Wall?
Please email your questions or family photographs to the following address: wdytyaquestions@immediate.co.uk If selected, your query will be answered on these pages. Please note that we receive a large volume of correspondence each month, and cannot r