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Adolescent Medicine

Karen Bernstein

Adolescent gynecology; eating disorders; sexually transmitted diseases; weight management. UI Health. 312-996-7416

Aurelia Peera

Advocate Lutheran General, Park Ridge. 773-777-5437

Michele L. Zucker

Behavioral and eating disorders. Advocate Lutheran General, Park Ridge. 847-318-9300

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Elizabeth V. Bernardino

ADD/ADHD; anxiety disorders. 855-692-6482

Norman A. Chapman

ADD/ADHD; bipolar and mood disorders. Advocate Lutheran General, Park Ridge. 847-940-0340

Edwin H. Cook Jr.

Autism spectrum disorders. UI Health. 312-996-7723

Susan Jane Friedland

ADD/ADHD; anxiety, behavioral, and mood disorders. Lurie Children’s. 312-227-2800

Steven H. Hanus

Anxiety, eating, and mood disorders; depression; substance abuse. 847-864-3444

Ahmed M. Hussain

ADD/ADHD; anxiety, bipolar, and mood disorders; depression. Streamwood Behavioral Health. 630-837-9000

Kathleen M. Kelley

Psychiatry in physical illness; trauma psychiatry. UI Health. 312-996-7723

MaryBeth Lake

Lurie Children’s. 800-543-7362

Gunnbjorg B. Lavoll

ADD/ADHD; depression; mood disorders. Northwestern Memorial. 312-859-1122

Karam Radwan

ADD/ADHD; bipolar, mood, and personality disorders; trauma psychiatry. UChicago Medicine. 773-702-3858

Marcia Slomowitz

ADD/ADHD; anxiety; bipolar and mood disorders; depression. 312-726-1083

Child Neurology

Steven Coker

Epilepsy; seizure disorders. Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage, Winfield. 630-933-6631

Robert T. Egel

Epilepsy; migraine; neurocutaneous disorders. Advocate Christ, Oak Lawn. 630-230-3372

Leon G. Epstein

Migraine. Lurie Children’s. 312-227-3550

Peter Heydemann

Epilepsy; muscular dystrophy; syncope; Tourette’s syndrome. Rush. 312-942-3034

Nancy L. Kuntz

Neuromuscular disorders. Lurie Children’s. 312-227-3550

Carol Macmillan

Autism spectrum disorders; developmental delay; epilepsy; neurogenetics. UChicago Medicine Comer. 773-702-6222

Charles Marcuccilli

Epilepsy; seizure disorders. Rush. 312-942-4036

Sunila E. O’Connor

Epilepsy. Lurie Children’s. 312-227-3540

Nishant S. Shah

ADD/ADHD; brain tumors; epilepsy; Tourette’s syndrome. Advocate Lutheran General, Park Ridge. 847-318-9330

Priti Singh

ADD; autism spectrum disorders; headaches and migraines; Tourette’s syndrome. Advocate Christ, Oak Lawn. 630-230-3372

Priyamvada Tatachar

Epilepsy. Lurie Children’s. 312-227-3540

James Tonsgard

Neurofibromatosis; tuberous sclerosis. UChicago Medicine Comer. 773-702-6169

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Dana M. Brazdziunas

Autism spectrum, behavioral, and developmental disorders. Lurie Children’s. 800-543-7362

Lawrence A. Gray

Behavioral, developmental, and neonatal developmental disorders. Lurie Children’s. 312-227-6720

Michael E. Msall

Behavioral, developmental, neonatal developmental, and neurodevelopmental disorders. UChicago Medicine Comer. 773-702-6169

Reshma Shah

ADD/ADHD; autism spectrum, developmental, and learning disorders. UI Health. 312-996-7416

Family Medicine

Guy J. Agostino

Diabetes; hypertension; preventive medicine. Amita Health Adventist, La Grange. 855-692-6482

Stephen Behnke

Amita Health Alexian Brothers, Elk Grove Village. 855-692-6482

Edward A. Blumen

NorthShore, Evanston. 847-866-3700

Joanna Borowicz

Amita Health St. Joseph, Joliet. 855-692-6482

Brenda L.

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