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Having to talk to children about child abuse is very much like taking their favourite toy and slashing it to pieces in front of them. We want children to believe that the world is filled with beauty, love, awe and wonder. That evil coexists with good can be very

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Q I am 31 weeks pregnant, and I have major hip pain, especially at night. Tossing, turning and surrounding myself with pillows does not help. I can’t sleep. What should I do? A TINA SAYS: One of the most common complaints of pregnancy is pelvic pa
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When You Don’t Have Time To Create
When you don’t have the time to make toys out of everyday items and need to buy a toy or game for your child, follow these tips: Products that are manufactured locally don’t have as far to travel to reach the shops as a product made in China, for exa
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All Too Much!
Your baby is born with more than 100 billion brain cells. Some of these cells are already connected to each other to form pathways, which allow for the proper functioning of a few processes, such as breathing, reflexes and other basic functions that