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provides warmth and nourishment for the newborn as he is laid on your chest skin-to-skin. Your skin warms him, and your breasts supply the

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Your Pregnancy1 min gelesenDiet & Nutrition
Resign From The Clean-plate Club
Parents who tell their kids to finish everything on their plates are teaching them to overeat. “Intuitive or mindful eating involves listening to your body and eating when you are hungry and then stopping when you are full. When children are told to
Your Pregnancy4 min gelesenMedical
What About This Shot?
Q The hospital arranged for my babies to receive the Synagis injection. What is it for, and is it really necessary? My twins were born at 33 weeks. The injection is very expensive and might not be covered by medical aid... And with two babies, I pay
Your Pregnancy3 min gelesen
Zero Cost To You or The Planet
You don’t have to spend a fortune on toys and games to keep your child busy. You also don’t need to support toy manufacturers that use harmful materials, processes and labour practices. Why not give your child an environmentally friendly toy that tea