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Fact or Fiction: On Vendela Vida’s ‘We Run the Tides’

Vendela Vida is a little bit tired, which is understandable. It’s the day after the presidential election. The night before this interview she stayed up until three in the morning watching the results come in from a neighbor’s backyard in the Bay Area. At the time, she thought she might go to sleep knowing who the next president was. That didn’t happen, but they ate “lots of cheese and drank two gin and tonics each,” she says, “and that’s basically how our evening went, yeah.”

Vida, 49, remains “cautiously hopeful” about the state of America, in part because she doesn’t want her son and daughter, who are 11 and 15, to feel her anxiety. “It’s just very hard to try to comfort your kids during home page every 10 minutes, though she’s taking a break for this interview about her sixth novel, , due out in February from Ecco. (She’s also written a nonfiction book, 2000’s , as well as a screenplay with her husband, author , that became the 2009 movie .)

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