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2. STILL LIFE painting
Still life painting in the west appeared as early as 3,500 years ago in Egypt. Images of mundane objects useful in a good afterlife adorn murals of daily life in Egyptian frescoes and tomb paintings. They were commonly interwoven with images of worke
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The Working Artist
Recently an ex-student of mine, Bill, came to my studio to collect a print. He told me that during the Covid-19 restrictions he’d been working on his printmaking and trying to improve his technique. I was impressed by his prints, but the thing that r
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Meet Our Prize Donors
Rosemary Thompson Founder, Rosemary & Co. Why did you start Rosemary & Co.? I felt frustrated with the quality and price of artists' brushes. I couldn't afford the better brands and so began making my own. I figured if I could make fishing flies fo