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WOODCUT prints

Woodblock is a type of relief printing. In woodblock prints, the surface of the material is used to make the print and the cut-away areas do not register. Below is a simple, two block project that is a good starting point for anyone who wants to explore basic woodblock printing. It includes instructions for making a jig to line up the two woodblocks for accurate printing. First, I want to talk you through the materials you will need.


To transfer designs, you need tracing paper and carbon paper (standard office carbon paper works well). Initial rubbings can be made on thin, cheap paper – blank newsprint paper is ideal – while test prints can be made on slightly thicker printer paper.

For your final prints, you will need a good quality printing paper: a wide range of papers will work, smooth papers are best. Japanese washi papers under 150gsm are particularly good for hand printing.


For this project you

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