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Apart from being a surface on which to mix, an artist’s palette is also simply a collection of colours that they’ve chosen to use. Some artists’ palettes can appear to be an almost random selection but generally most will be based on a range of cool and warm colours – there will be a selection of various shades of the primary colours blue, red and yellow.

In addition, artists will often include some secondary colours (orange, purple and green) as well as neutrals such as blacks and greys. Most will use some convenience mixes – secondaries or tertiaries that they use frequently –

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Send your letter or email to the addresses below: POST: Your Letters, Artists & Illustrators, The Chelsea Magazine Company Ltd., Jubilee House, 2 Jubilee Place, London SW3 3TQ EMAIL: info@artists The writer of our ‘letter of
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A Place To Grow
I belong to an art group on Facebook and, by a wonderful chance, I struck up a social media friendship with a superb fellow artist. She recommended Artists & Illustrators to me as an all-rounder magazine for artists. She was right, of course. I am a