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FALL 1975

Early Disarray

he postwar international economic system, grounded in the American principles of

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Foreign Policy Magazine12 min gelesenWorld
The Forgotten Prophet
U.S. PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE BIDEN’S FOREIGN-POLICY ADVISORS have been eager to convey that “America is back” and ready to resume leadership of the Western world. But Biden and his team may soon discover that a foundation of past U.S. leadership—a reputa
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Consensus Lost
A SHIFTING GLOBAL ORDER AS U.S. DOMINANCE ERODES. Americans tired of foreign entanglements while facing social and racial discord at home. An ethically challenged president whose policies are dividing the country. A world beset by new challenges, fro
Foreign Policy Magazine1 min gelesenGlobalization
On Globalization
In his celebrated 1948 essay, “Notes Towards the Definition of Culture,” T.S. Eliot predicted that in the future, humanity would experience a renaissance of local and regional cultures. At the time, his prophecy seemed quite daring. However, globaliz