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Some 75 percent of chief executives receive one or more benefits in addition to salary and 30 percent of chief executives were paid a bonus, at an average 28 percent of their base salary, according to Strategic Pay’s Pay at the Top: 2020 Senior Executive and Board Remuneration

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You Need To Be Diverse In Your Diversity
CATHY PARKER is the director of Adrenalin Publishing, the owner of Management magazine and she sits on a number of boards. What does diversity mean to you and your business and why is diversity important? For too many people it is either shorthand f
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Sensitive Expenditure: Building Trust And Confidence
At the Office of the Auditor-General, we often remind the public sector that the public’s trust and confidence in it is driven by competence, reliability, and honesty. But it doesn’t matter where you work – those factors will drive trust and confiden
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How Will You Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet?
We all know that 2020 was likely the most challenging year we have collectively faced globally in business (and life) in living memory. I trust you’ve had a decent break over the holidays and are hopefully rested and raring to go, aiming for a better