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Time’s Monster: History, Conscience and Britain’s Empire

by Priya Satia Allen Lane, 384 pages, £25

The absorbing depth with which Priya Satia addresses an ambitious range of modern society’s most pro-found problems and questions in this book is phenomenal. In asking how British men felt able to justify running an empire rooted in violence and systemic inequality,

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Napoleon A Life In Objects
Napoleon’s school compass (below) is a reminder of the rudimentary beginnings of his career. Made from wood, copper and leather, it was his introduction to strategy, used in map drawing and fortification classes. Napoleon, who was born on 15 August 1
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Florence’s Finest
The Florentines: From Dante to Galileo by Paul Strathern Atlantic, 384 pages, £20 Anniversaries always spark book publications, and this year marks 700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri, author of the Divine Comedy and father of the Italian ve
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The War That Rose From The Dead
On wresting the crown from Richard III at Bosworth in 1485, Henry VII sought to present himself as the unity candidate – the man chosen by God to reconcile the houses of York and Lancaster. Three decades of chaos and bloodletting were over –or so Hen