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Meet The Flockers
Søren Solkaer is a Danish portrait photographer specialising in film and music personalities, but in his spare time he has always had a fascination for photographing the mass migration of the common starling – Sturnus vulgaris. “The phenomenon leans
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In Focus: Salamanders
Salamanders range in size from Mexico’s minute salamanders – 2.7cm nose to tail – to the Chinese giant salamander, which reaches 1.8m and weighs up to 65 kg. Salamanders can regenerate lost tails, limbs, toes and even severed spinal cords within wee
Cosmos Magazine2 min gelesenBiology
Scientists Brave Enough To Grow A Spine
German scientists report that they have successfully simulated an important phase of embryonic development by growing mouse embryonic cells in a petri dish. The structure was the central trunk, which holds the developing neural tubes that will become