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It’s a relatively low-cost way to reach a wider audience and build sales. But, it’s important to choose ones that align with your values and brand, as they can easily amplify your

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Mollie Makes4 min gelesen
Pricing For Profit
They’re not just numbers – correct pricing can strike the difference between a successful biz and a struggle. It’s all down to what it represents: the prices you put out in the world communicate the value of your work. While it’s primarily about mone
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All The Admin
If you want your business to support you in the long term, it’s not just about producing and promoting an amazing product – you’ll need to keep track of the pennies to have a clear idea of profit and loss. Even if you hire an accountant, it’s importa
Mollie Makes2 min gelesen
The Legal Side
Just like Legally Blonde icon Elle Woods, we want you to feel comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life. On page 40 we’ll be chatting to Ingrid Fernandez, lawyer and founder of Dec + Dash Legal Consulting, about website wording, copyright and t