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In With the Old


here’s something magical about turn-of-the-century buildings like the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, which was built under the guidance of legendary

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The World Beneath
In September 1979, oceanographer Sylvia Earle was strapped to the front of a small submarine and dropped into the Pacific Ocean off the Hawaiian island of Oahu. When she reached the seabed and unfastened herself, Earle was 381 metres beneath the surf
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Jewels In The Crown
The year is 1893. Thomas Edison constructs the world’s first motion picture studio in the United States. New Zealand grants women the right to vote. In Japan, Mikimoto Kōkichi cultivates the first cultured pearl. And in a quiet corner of Bavaria, his
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A Healthy Home
Those lucky enough to score a seat at the latest edition of Tatler’s House Stories at the Sky Lounge at The Upper House on March 24 had access to some of the city’s greatest minds in architecture and design. Peter Cheung, Tatler’s regional advisor on