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Patterned canvas fabric Plain canvas fabric Fabric scissors Pins Sewing machine Ruler Pencil Needle Thread

1 Multiply the height you’d like your pot to be by 1.5 and add 4.5cm. Take the desired diameter and add 7cm. Use these measurements to

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Before we bought this house we had been living in a Victorian flat, which although lovely, wasn’t going to be big enough, as we had plans to start a family,’ says Kerryanne. ‘So the search was on! This property, which is on a main road, I remember so
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ABOUT ME I’m Deborah Brett, 46, an interior designer and professional home organiser at I live here with my three sons, Finn, 19, Louis, 16, and Hector, seven, and our cat, Poppy. MY HOME A four-bedroom Victorian terrace in Lewisha
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Give plain white vases a metallic update. Create a polka dot pattern using a sponge applicator and gold acrylic paint. Alternatively, wrap bands of patterned tape around the vases. Simply peel off when you fancy trying a different look. ■