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How to live in the moment

hat if there was a scientifically proven stress reducer that was free, didn’t take a lot of time and could boost immunity, lower blood pressure and help you sleep better? Well there is – a technique called mindfulness. Before you roll your eyes or worry that you have to commit to an intense program, know that the essence of mindfulness is actually very simple. It’s about embracing the present and finding or

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What A Dish
Don’t curb your gardening enthusiasm just because it’s cold out. Make one of these delightful dish gardens instead. By using big saucers or wide, shallow bowls, you can create miniature landscapes that will keep you fascinated all winter long. Trades
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Your Stitch Guide
CHAIN STITCH (CH ST) SLIP STITCH (SL ST) DOUBLE CROCHET (DC) TURNING AND WORKING SHORT ROWS Turning part way through a row is used to make one side of the work longer than another. If the last stitch was knitted, take the yarn under the needle to the
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There’s just something so blissful about curling up under a blanket to cocoon. Mind you, winter isn’t just about sitting around, it’s also a call to action. For green thumbs, there are four key jobs to complete before your garden starts its hibernati