2020 World Ranking 5 Established 2005 Team Manager Iwan Spekenbrink Bike Scott

Arguably the team of the 2020 season,

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Dan Martin
It’s crazy to say, but it was nine years since I had raced the Tour du Haut Var, now called the Tour des Alpes-Maritimes et du Var. Bizarrely I got 14th in 2012 and 15th in 2021. The name may have changed but the character of the race is intact. I wa
Procycling2 min gelesen
Four Top-five Finishes In The Last Decade
I think it’s the most heroic race of the year. It’s the most spectacular one as well and obviously it’s one of the most known in the world. It is so different and hard that everybody goes to their limit and over it. Even at the finish - I was just ta
Procycling2 min gelesen
Both editions of Strade Bianche were brilliant races, the best of the year so far. That’s reason enough to celebrate them - I could just sit back and enjoy two exciting races, though a note to the TV people: show much more of the women’s race already