We’re at our first training camp of 2021 and 27 riders and 32 support staff have just been vaccinated with China’s Sinopharm vaccine. We know vaccinating elite athletes is a sensitive issue but UAE’s programme is ahead of most countries. Frontline workers and vulnerable individuals have had access to the vaccine for over three months.

With the roll-out of vaccines, we’ll

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Coaching A Champion
There’ll be a time, probably not too far in the future, when Marianne Vos will have retired and cycling will have to reckon with having witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime rider. No other rider in history has a spread of victories as vast and as varied as
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Laurens Ten Dam
I have been retired as a pro for 15 months now and I still know the drill. I don’t want to be that guy, who acts like it used to be just champagne and caviar in the old days. For sure, I can also remember the more miserable days in the bunch and ofte
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The Best Version Of Herself
Maybe after 15 seasons as a professional bike rider, you’d think a sense of routine would have long set in when a new year comes around, that familiarity would have overtaken the novelty and anticipation that riders at the start of their careers feel