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Is Shimano going wireless?

i2 and hydraulic braking is pretty perfect to be honest, no cables to stretch or adjust, it just

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The Contenders
Once upon a time the Brit would have been a firm favourite for races like this but recent years have seen her increasingly playing a support role. Until this year. She was fifth at Omloop last month and her finishing kick seems to have got its edge b
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‘Power Manipulation Is Rife’
A top-level US e-racer contacted CW via our survey to express his concern that some riders are exploiting tech weaknesses to make dubious gains. He offered the following list of potential illicit gains: Sticky watts: “This is a communication glitch b
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Riders In The Strom
Eighteen months ago the dream of beginning a career on the Continent in earnest seemed like it was just a step away from fruition for a whole raft of young British hopefuls. But many of those riders didn’t even race last year and now in 2021, with a