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25th Album A Cause For ‘Joyous Celebration’
WHAT started as an experimental response to an overly Kwaito-saturated music scene in 1996 has given birth to an internationally acclaimed gospel group – Joyous Celebration. The group celebrated its silver jubilee by launching its 25th album at the J
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Avoiding Quarantine By Visiting Another Country? Know The Risks
TRAVELLERS who want to avoid harsh quarantine requirements imposed by some countries are now planning stopovers in destinations with low Covid-19 restrictions. While this allows them to see more than one destination, travel experts warn that travelle
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Varsity Move Slammed
Yesterday, the Black Academic Caucus (BAC) slammed the side-tracking of Feris and the selection of Hall saying it demonstrates the typical short-sightedness of the university with regards to the fundamentally important issues of transformation, and i