Mornings with Jesus


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Mornings with Jesus2 min gelesen
Saturday, May 1
MY DRIVE INTO WORK TAKES me down the California coastline. The view is spectacular. The cliffs to my right disappear into the crashing waves below. As I drop into the small coastal valley, the beach curves past the mountain range that frames the seas
Mornings with Jesus1 min gelesen
Saturday, June 12
I RETURNED FROM SPEAKING AT a women’s retreat, filled to overflowing. We were strangers at the start of the retreat, but fast friends at the end. We were from different denominations but shared the most important common ground—our love for Jesus. In
Mornings with Jesus1 min gelesen
Tuesday, June 15
HOW HAD THE DAY GOTTEN away from me? It was almost dusk, and I hadn’t exercised. With darkness encroaching, it was too risky to ride my bicycle, so I’d walk. I grabbed my headphones and set out, anxious to catch up on the news of the day as I exercis